A Power Greater Than Myself

     I was just asked in a workbook to write down…”What do you currently believe about a Power greater than yourself?” I find these exercises helpful for me. They help to remind me of what a wonderful God it is that I serve.

Here is MY answer:

     I AM A CHRISTIAN and I believe that God loves me. There is nothing that I can do to earn His love, but He loves me freely. He sent His ONLY Son to die a horrible death so that I can have forgiveness of my sins, healing, and deliverance. That Jesus Christ, God’s ONLY Son, loves me enough to WILLINGLY lay down his life and to suffer a horrible death for my sake, to take my place so that I may have everlasting life. There is NO GREATER LOVE THAN THIS…that Jesus lay down His life for me when I was still a sinner, and I knew not the joy of living under the power, grace, mercy, and love of God.

This kind of love is available to anyone who wants it…isn’t that great!!!

Published byLeah K.

Proud Wife, Stay-at-Home Mother of 3, a Christian (No, I'm not perfect. Yes, I make plenty of mistakes...that's why I need Christ in my life), abuse survivor, owner of an etsy store (Flairicity), and blogger.

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