So…Seriously…I Don’t Get It…It Proves NOTHING

     Growing up my ex-step-mom worked on projects that she wasn’t allowed to talk about, and I remember being told that she couldn’t talk about them because if anyone ever came to the house to try to get us to tell them, then we wouldn’t  be able to tell them anything because we wouldn’t know anything. Then after my dad and my ex-step-mom divorced; and Jon, my mom, and I moved to Texas I was told that Jon had security clearance for his job.

     Leading up to court Jon claimed that he never had security clearance until right before court in 2007, and they even had his resume put into evidence…SERIOUSLY?! WHAT DOES THAT PROVE?!…NOTHING!!! Jon claimed that he had disclosed the pending court case against him in his application, but no one ever contacted the D.A. to ask them about the case. It doesn’t matter what is in his resume; what matters is what I was told, and what I believed.

     My mom even knew that he had security clearance. He would always have us watch shows about government conspiracies, and at times claimed to have some kind of knowledge about it. One time Jon said that he was going to Area 51, and said that he could take me with him, but I had school and couldn’t go. Jon went there more than once. He would fly to El Paso, Texas and then go to Area 51 from there. Jon would go into Mexico to get cheep antibiotics for our dog who had skin allergies. My mom even remembers seeing his plain tickets.

     Before we moved to Texas Jon worked for an Aerospace company that made satellites. Jon would travel to other countries to help with the launch. Also, when we moved to Texas Jon worked for another company that required a security clearance, and lots of traveling. Jon would tell me things like…that he had seen the launch codes for the satellite that was launched, and gave the codes to our government who then sabotaged the satellite; and that I couldn’t tell anyone because he had signed a confidentiality agreement that he wouldn’t talk about anything that he had seen, and that he could be charged with spying if I said anything. This is just the tip of the iceberg of lies and mind games that Jon did.

     If Jon really didn’t have security clearance then how was I to know. A child or teenager is not going to have access to an adults resume, and even then the adult could have made a fake one or lied on their resume. There really is no way for a child or teenager to know. PLUS, my mom even knew that he had security clearance!!! There was NOTHING going on in my life to suggest that Jon was lying about having security clearance. So, what on earth would make them think that his resume had anything to do with it?! It is my opinion that Jon lied about not having security clearance until right before court in 2007. But regardless of that what matters is he told me he did (and there was no one to tell me otherwise), and that I believed him.

     I’ve just been thinking about this lately, and about how absurd I think it is that they put his resume in as evidence during court. I just don’t get it. IT PROVES NOTHING!!!

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