Still Here and Doing Good

     I just wanted to post to let everyone know I’m still here. In the beginning of March my husband came home from doing a nine month tour in Afghanistan. It has been such a blessing to have him back home, and not a moment gone un-cherished. We’ve had a wonderful family vacation this summer. It’s August now, and school is getting ready to start. My oldest will be starting third grade while my youngest is going into Pre-K. I’m also 17 weeks pregnant, and will be finding out what we are having in about a week and a half. I too am looking into registering for a class for this fall semester. I’m excited about working on my Bachelor Degree, and want to continue to work at it even if it’s one class at a time. Granted I’m going to take at least a semester off after the baby gets here, but I’m determined to keep going as long as fiances allow. I’m also still taking classes at my church which I will complete by December of this year. My church’s Women’s Conference starts this week, and I’m so excited to be attending it again this year. Last year was so amazing and life changing for me, and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for me this year during our Women’s Conference. Life is good…

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Proud Wife, Stay-at-Home Mother of 3, a Christian (No, I'm not perfect. Yes, I make plenty of mistakes...that's why I need Christ in my life), abuse survivor, owner of an etsy store (Flairicity), and blogger.

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