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I recently went to the Grand Canyon. What an amazingly breathtaking place. The Grand Canon’s setting is situated in a place I didn’t expect…in the midst of a forest.


With the setting of the sun, surrounded by a beautiful forest, the Grand Canyon emerges before us and it takes my breath away.  I must say I was so surprised to see the Grand Canyon emerging from the forest. Like so many, I’ve only seen pictures of the desert view of the Grand Canyon. I can’t wait to go back and spend some more time there exploring all it has to offer.


At one of the viewing sites, I noticed how the trees were growing in rock hard ground, and couldn’t help but envy the view they have obtained. I don’t imagine it’s easy for any kind of plant to grow under such conditions. Plants, we are often told, need good fertile soil to grow. Any plant that can grow under difficult conditions must be tuff as nails.


I think we all wish life was like growing in good ground; full of all the nurturing we need and desire. No weeds to choke out our dreams, no droughts to test our resolve, and all the encouragement we could ever need. Life, however, rarely plays out this way. We face trials and hardships that test who we are. These experiences often leave us feelings as though it will either make us or break us. But let us remember the spoils go to the victors. When we persevere and grow through the rock of hard trials, we will stand with bated breath at the view we have obtained. It will be breathtaking; a view like no other. Only dreamers dream of such glorious views. Why not dream of such views? We have persevered; we have fought the good fight, and have overcome. We have gained knowledge and wisdom that only experience can give. We have reached heights and views that only come with the perseverance of life’s experiences. We are the victor and the spoils belong to us. Stand tall. You are victorious, and the view belongs to you.


View of the Grand Canyon

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