New Books Added

I have added a few new books to the page “Books I’ve Read“.      A Woman’s Way through The Twelve Steps By: Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D. — This is a great book, and the lessons taught in this book work for every aspect of a person’s life. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to

A Link to Rebecca Kiessling’s Website & A Side Note About God’s Free Gift

     I would like to share with all of you a link that has come to my attention. It’s a link to Rebecca Kiessling’s website. She is a woman who was conceived during a rape, and who has found ultimate healing in Christ Jesus. She for many years wondered who could ever love her because of

Joy Unspeakable

What to say about joy unspeakable…      Over the past year I have come a very long way in my healing, and I continue to grow and heal. I have had at least two great life changing experiences with God that have really changed me. One was back on October 10th, and the other was over Thanksgiving