Freedom Of A Hair Cut

     Today I took my 3 and a half year old to get her very first hair cut. I finally felt like her hair had grown long enough to where I could get her hair cut and not have to do a style that might make her look like a boy. She did great!!! She sat still just like I asked her to, and listened very well to the directions of the lady cutting her hair. I’m one very proud and excited momma right now.

     A hair cut to most is just another hair cut, and doesn’t mean much to them. I spent about 6 years in a church where women weren’t supposed to cut their hair, wear pants, shorts, earrings, necklaces, or makeup among other things. While I learned some great things while attending this church organization not everything was good. I cried when I realized I could cut my hair and not go to hell. So, when I look back at what we’ve come out of this is an experience she might never have had, had we stayed with that organization. Today, I enjoyed greatly the FREEDOM of watching her get her hair cut because to me it is a freedom that myself and my children now enjoy, and I thank God for it.

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Proud Wife, Stay-at-Home Mother of 3, a Christian (No, I'm not perfect. Yes, I make plenty of mistakes...that's why I need Christ in my life), abuse survivor, owner of an etsy store (Flairicity), and blogger.

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