Good Bye Missouri

      Good Bye Missouri. I will miss your beauty.

     One of the ups and downs of being a military wife is that we get to live in different places all over the world. The up side to it is getting to live in a variety of places (so far for us…Oklahoma to Germany and Missouri to Texas). We get to see and experience things that we otherwise would not have. The down side is having to say good bye to all the great friends we make along the way…although it’s never really a good bye; it’s just “until next time”.

      Like so many, we went to Missouri “kicking and screaming”. We didn’t want to go someplace that had a nick name of “Lost in the Woods”. However, God always knows what he’s doing!! We’ve been through so much not just as a family, but as individuals as well while living in Missouri. God saw us through it all. Some of the hardest times of my life were in Missouri, but it was just part of “the bigger picture” a process to bring me out of the dungen of my past that I found myself in. For you see, Missouri is the place where I truly sought healing from my past…where I had an all out/drag out fight with it…and WON!! God is good and is worthy to be praised!!! So, you see Missouri is the place that God brought me to, to find my healing. He placed us in a great church (New Beginnings Revival Center, in Wayensville) where we were able to grow in God. The people are great, friendly, and I knew that if I needed them they would be there for me. I didn’t open up to them like I would have liked to at times, but that’s on me…and lies with my struggles to open up to people in general. I truly loved being a part of that church, and they will always be in my heart, and a part of me. I had a great Christian counselor, and went to group counseling which was a tremendous help to me. Outside of group counseling and my counselor, I didn’t feel like I could open up to anyone with the struggles that I was facing…I just wasn’t brave enough to seek further support from others (even though it was right there in front of me for the taking). Even in the midst of that God had me surrounded with people and in an environment that kept God as the center. An environment in which all around me was nothing but examples of how to use my faith in God to get me through the hard times and to grab hold of the healing that God had promised me.

      Missouri is the land where I found my healing, and Texas is where I will learn to walk in it daily. I have great expectations for Texas. I expect God to do great and marvelous things in my life here, and to take me to the next level in my walk with God. No matter where I go or where the Army sends my family, I expect God to show up and show us how to walk closer to him. To continue to reveal to us our destiny in him, and to show us how to walk in it.

      So, again I say…Good bye Missouri. I will miss your beauty, and I’m grateful for the healing that I’ve found while living there…thank you for allowing God to use you in such a way in my life.

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