Healing: Final Thoughts

Welcome to the Fifth and final posting in this series on Healing.


Here are some final thoughts. To me, being healed means that I’m finally able to freely be the me that I want to be. I know that’s something everyone works on till the day they die, but for me it’s more about taking care of the big things I want to change and not worrying about the other things that will come with time.  All of life’s obstacles can be overcome when we give God the glory for the victory even when the victory is on its way and we are still waiting for it.


The blessings of this life make it worth living for and bring enjoyment to it. The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians that to be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord. So, whether here on Earth enjoying its blessings or to be in the presence of God…both are a place of great blessings. Don’t let the obstacles of this life rob you of the joys that come from the blessings. Don’t keep building up walls; the only thing you’ll accomplish is becoming a prisoner in your own prison.


I love this quote, “Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours“. Some people are too busy looking for our flaws so they can ignore their own. Don’t worry about them; that’s not your bourdon to carry.


This series has been about what healing means to me. Now I ask you, what does healing mean for you?

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