Healing: What Is Normal Anyways

Welcome to part 2 of my series on Healing.


What is healing, and what does it “look” like? Is that the same as being “normal”? What is “normal” anyways? Let’s take a look at what being “normal” means. The definition of being normal is basically to conform to a type, standard, or regular pattern, and not deviating from a norm that is set by society.  That’s a pretty lose definition to me. So, then every society and culture get to determine what “normal” is for them. What may be considered normal for one society or culture may be considered abnormal to another. With such a lose definition of what normal can mean, can this also be true for individuals? In my opinion, absolutely; each of us as an individual is uniquely different. This also means that not only will our healing journey be uniquely different from others, but also our definition of what “normal” is for us will be just as unique.  I believe while on our healing journey God will place a vision in our heart of what our “normal” will be. Put in another way: God gives us a glimpse of who He created us to be, and places a seed in us to desire to become that person. I have no doubts I will one day fully be who God created me to be.  I’m not saying I think the journey will be easy, but quite the opposite. It’s been a difficult journey to say the least at times. God has never left me to struggle on this journey without Him. There was a time where getting to where I’m at today was my dream.  Now that I’m at this place in my life, I can see new areas where I need to grow to become who God has called me to be. I’m not saying I believe I will one day reach a point in my life where I will no longer need to grow as a person. I believe that we all have room to grow and improve as a person during the whole course of our lives.  What I am saying is that God has placed a seed or vision in my heart of what my “normal” will look like. It is an obtainable healthy version of me! I find it with every battle conquered, with every new revelation received, and with every leap of faith taken.


This is what healing means to me and looks like for my life…an obtainable healthy version of me…this is my “normal”. What is your definition of “normal” for your life?


In my next posting in this series I’ll be talking about “Goals”. I hope you’ll join me.

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