Stress Dreams

My kids are starting their summer break, and next month is going to be very busy for us. We have lots of things planned for June.

Ah, stress!

You guessed it; stress dreams are happening.

Stress dreams tend to stress me out; which leads to more stress dreams. Don’t you just love how that cycle works? I know, I know, it sounds like so much fun…or maybe it doesn’t. I’m sure you’ve figured out that they really aren’t that much fun. It seems like every other word is a swear word. I’m really uncomfortable with that kind of language. I’ll admit that in my dreams it feels really good to release all that pent-up negative energy. I know it’s good to get all that anger out, and I’m glad it happens in my dreams than out on my family. Since using swear words is not something I am comfortable with, I sometimes feel some shame for having used such bad language in my dreams. I try to remind myself they are just dreams; the feelings I have in my dreams are valid feelings, and I have the right to express those feelings whether I’m dreaming or not. I have to remind myself the language I use, whether dreaming or not, does not make me a bad person.

The most difficult part of stress dreams are the themes they come in. The biggest link I can think of between these themes is the feeling of no one listening to me and of being ignored. Things that happen in these dreams can be hard to deal with once I wake up. They can trigger old shameful feels that I have dealt with long ago, but make them feel as though they are right on the surface again. sometimes these dreams cause me to have night sweats.

I know I have been writing about stress dreams quite a bit lately, but I’ve been having them a lot. They have been hard to deal with, and I just need to take the time to acknowledge them. To help myself feel as though my reactions in the dreams are valid, and that my feelings in the dreams are valid. No one can create a sense of validation with in me but me. I need be able to give myself that validation.

For anyone dealing with triggers, stress dreams, or traumatizing memories: take the time to give yourself the validation that you need; you deserve it.

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