What are the words…

I know I have not posted anything in almost a year. Yikes!

Ever have life be so busy and have so much you could vent about, and yet there are so many words…you do not have any words? It’s like screaming and then turning to the person next to you and asking, “You know what I mean?”

We are still trying to adjust to living near family for the first time in 20 years. I wish I could say it’s been great, but yeah not so much. I think I would rather opt for distance and family visits. I am a non-confrontational person, and my ability to keep my mouth shut for the sake of family peace is feeling like it is one thinly veiled comment away from taking a sabbatical.

We have had to pull one of our kids from public school due to severe social anxiety. I am now this child’s teacher. As my husband put it, “It is like watching you try to teach a three year old”. The struggle to focus is real and we are not covering as much material in a day as I wish we were. New strategies and approaches is a must. We are still on a learning curve to figure out what is going to work for us. My next class starts next week and will add another layer of hurdles to get over. I am not good at being able to keep up with my school work and often fall behind. Thank you ADHD and dyslexia, I know I can always count on you. There are a lot of adjustments that need to be made, and we will figure it all out at some point.

We are now caring for a baby bunny that we found with a dislocated leg. The leg has been this way too long and cannot be repaired. The bunny is not in any pain. He is such a sweet cutie pie full of personality. He is a joy to have around. We have never cared for a bunny before and are learning what we need to know.

A “relatively new” law in the state of California gives convicts who received the maximum sentence allowed for their crimes, while under the age of 26 at the time of their arrest, who would not otherwise receive parole hearings are now granted parole hearings. This has affected me and my mother because her attacker (a serial rapist who was getting increasingly more violent in his attacks) is now getting parole hearings. He was sentenced to 143 years in 1990 and now he gets parole hearings. A big thank you to the state of California for ensuring my mother and I are re-traumatized every three years by stripping away at the sense of safety of knowing he is behind bars and removing any sense of justice we have had. There is another parole hearing (his second) that we need to prepare for and write statements for. This California law states that because he was under the age of 26 at the time of his arrest his brain was not fully developed and he therefore has reduced culpability in his crimes and deserves a chance to be set free. California you are always so thoughtful.

I know all this seems random and all over the place. However, this is just a cross section of some of the things that have been going on in the last 12 months more or less. I wish I wrote more about topics that I am passionate about. I wish I knew how to get some of what I have been feeling out in a way where I could feel like it would make sense. I really wish I was good at time management and self-discipline so that I could spend more time on this blog. One day I will get there. Until then, know I am still here even if I am not posting often.

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