Casting Crowns – Voice of Truth [LYRICS]

     I would like to share this song with you. This is one of the songs that I held onto very tightly during the time right before court all the way until court was over; and this song still means a lot to me to this day.

     The song talks about how he wishes that he had the strength to get out of the boat onto the crashing waves (a reference to when Peter stepped out of the boat to walk on the water to Jesus who had called him out onto the water where he was), and to have the strength to stand before a giant. And how the Waves and the Giant are calling out his name, and they laugh at him; reminding him of all the times that he’s tried before and failed…saying “boy, you’ll never win, you’ll never win”. I felt like this was me not just facing the court system, but also facing Jon and his lawyers. I had District attorneys tell me that it would be almost impossible to get a guilty verdict, and one even told me that he wasn’t sure if he believed me or not. Then in court I had to face Jon who the whole time looked at me with such a hateful and revengeful look on his face, and had to deal with his lawyers who had the audacity to try to get me to say that I thought that I was Jon’s child bride!!! THAT MAKES ME SICK!!! I had stepped out of the boat onto the crashing waves, and was facing my giant. Thank you Lord for the strength that you have given me!!!

     BUT! there is a VOICE OF TRUTH that “tells me a different story; the VOICE OF TRUTH tells me do not be afraid. The VOICE OF TRUTH says this is for my glory”. This part of the song was Jesus reminding me that I was speaking the voice of truth, and that as long as I was speaking the truth that all would be ok, and for me to not be afraid. And I do give God ALL THE GLORY for giving me the guilty verdict in court. Let the Lord be glorified for what he has done for me!!! The next part of the song says that out of all the voices calling out to him that he will listen to the voice of truth…amen and amen to that!! Always! Always! Listen to the VOICE OF TRUTH that is Jesus Christ!

     This part of the song is great too, “I will soar with the wings of eagles when I stop and listen to the sound of Jesus singing over me”. It’s so hard to describe the feeling that I had when that guilty verdict was read. At the start of court I had no doubt in my mind that Jon would be found guilty…it didn’t even enter my mind that there was any way possible he would not be found guilty. But during the jury’s 14 hours of deliberation I started to worry and to wounder, and started to feel as though my victory was being taken away from me. I heard God asking me if I still trusted Him; my response to Him was, “Of course Lord. I still trust you”. And what a great victory it was that the Lord gave me!!!

     So, here it is…such a great song that I hold dearly to my heart.

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