Anxiety In August (8/8/2009)

     The closer that I get to the end of this month (August) the more that I can feel my anxiety level going up. I feel as though evil is being let loose upon the streets to find its next target. For me it’s not a question of if, but of when Jon will make his next move. And I feel as though I should be there to stop it. I don’t really think that Jon will come after me and my family…although…that doesn’t stop me from worrying about it. I also worry about the games that Jon will try to play with his Parole Officer. I hope that his Parole Officer is smarter than him to catch him in his games. I know how Jon works. I have lived through the nightmare of having to survive living with him, and with that comes an understanding of how his mind works. Jon will try to get away with things. It will be small things at first and over time it will turn into bigger things. I’m very worried about the mind games that he will play with people. Notice that I didn’t say “try to play”, but “to play”. Jon always plays mind games with people. There are at least two things that are apart of Jon being able to breathe: 1. lying and 2. mind games.

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